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KL24-2021 Protection beyond 20 years - SPCs, term extensions and adjustments. Session 2: Japan
Since the introduction of the Hatch-Waxman Act in the US in 1984, many countries and regions have adopted laws for extending patent protection on medicinal products as a compensation for the expensive research and development phase in the pharmaceutical industry. These laws also facilitate the production of generic drugs after the protection has expired.

This series of webinars aims at a better understanding of patent term extensions for medicinal products in Europe and Asia. We will highlight the most recent developments such as the EU manufacturing waiver, SPCs for unitary patents and the latest law revision in China. In the first session, you will get an overview of patent term extensions in Europe ("SPCs"). We will present the European legal framework and combine it with the information in the EPO's databases, including INPADOC and Espacenet.

The two subsequent sessions will focus on the patent term extension systems in Japan and Korea. You will get an overview of important provisions in the national patent legislation and find out how to retrieve data on term extensions from official sources, in particular J-PlatPat and KIPRIS. In the final session, we will also have a look at China's new term extension system, which is scheduled to be introduced as part of a major law reform just a few days before the seminar, on 1 June 2021.
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